Master Your Marketing

Master your small business marketing

Marketing is more than getting a website or printing business cards. Effective marketing should outline your goals. It should indicate where you are now. It should guide you on how to most effectively get to where you want to be. Great marketing should do all these things without spending any more time or money than is absolutely necessary.

Small Business Marketing and Business Consultation

We won’t try to sell you services you don’t need — and will discourage investment in areas that won’t pay you dividends. Let us help you determine what investments (in both your time and money) will pay off and which ones are not going to work for you.

Your business is unique, your marketing needs to be customized to fit your business. It needs to compliment your business style, attract the customers and clients you really want, and it needs to be as comfortable as your own skin.

“One-size-fits-all” marketing is almost as wonderful as one-size-fits-all clothing… and it’s nearly as attractive, too.

Excellent, effective marketing isn’t an “off the rack” purchase.It needs to be tailored to your business. Quality marketing won’t just happen and it’s not something that someone can create for you, without your input. It IS something we can create together.

Make Your Marketing Less Maddening

We can help you establish your brand, polish up your marketing, access the clients and customers you most enjoy, and improve your bottom line. It’s what we do.

You may not have considered the psychology of color and how your color selection for your branding effects your customers, nor have you planned for the next copy deadline for the printer, and you don’t want to worry about how to convert your paper version of your logo to a “digital” format for the promotional goods you need to have in your hands in two weeks.

If these are things you want to learn to do, we can teach you. If they are things you want us to do for you — consider it done.

You may want to learn how to blog, how to make changes to your website or how to determine which advertising “opportunity” is the best investment for your business during this quarter. You may want to ensure brand continuity with anything that a potential customer sees.

We can show you how, explain why it matters and help you determine what portion you want to do yourself, what you can safely skip, and what tasks you should farm out to others. For more information, visit our Cool Jazz Web Design & Marketing website, or call us at 859-935-1984.