Stop Struggling And Succeed!

Business consulting for small businesses in KentuckyIt’s not easy to make a small business succeed or to launch your entrepreneurial career these days. We know because we have done it and we have helped others to do it. Two of the biggest challenges to your success are taming your technology and mastering your marketing. We provide those solutions.

The partners of Cool Jazz, LLC know technology and we know marketing. We have more years of experience than we care to admit (because that makes us sound really REALLY old). Vanity aside, it’s the melding of these two areas of expertise that makes us your go-to resource for any questions you may have about technology or marketing as it relates to your small business (and your quality of life).

Our two divisions, Danville Computer Doc and Cool Jazz Web Design & Marketing work side by side to help you succeed. We show you what works.

Imagine a work day filled with progress instead of frustration. Imagine technology that works for you instead of against you. Imagine, if you will, an ongoing marketing campaign that brings you amazing customers, repeat clients and fantastic word-of-mouth referrals.

Now, stop imagining. Let’s make it a reality. Contact Cool Jazz, LLC: 859-935-1984.