Taming Your Technology

Taming your small business technologyYou don’t have time to struggle with technology that foils your attempts to do, well, anything. Why fight to send files across your office or across the globe? Why spend 30 minutes of your day trying to get that stupid printer to work?

We know that you don’t care HOW the information gets from the cloud to your multiple devices, but you do need it to show up on your laptop, your office machine, and your smartphone — and for it to be the same information on all platforms. We also know that your security, your privacy, and your backups are all things you need and want, but not things that you want to worry about every day.

We can show you how to put your technology to work for you (instead you continuing to work around your technology). Your technology should serve you, not the other way around.

You just want things to work. We can help.

Our Technology Services:

  • Computer and technology consultations at your office or ours
  • Computer repair and upgrades
  • Hardware and software set-up
  • Networking for your office and/or home office
  • Purchase recommendations (based on your specific needs)
  • Suggestions for how to simplify your current systems to make them more efficient
  • Ways to make your technology more user-friendly and less stressful
  • Monthly maintenance service contracts to keep things running smoothly
  • Emergency services for when things go wrong

We even offer training in a classroom setting and one-on-one technology training sessions. If you are running a small business or are an entrepreneur, keep us on speed-dial. It will make your life easier. Much easier.

Call 859-935-1984.